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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

K12: 8

Last week, I felt we were doing pretty well with school.  My pods were zooming through assignments and were catching up to where they are supposed to be.  I was beginning to think maybe we were figuring this thing out. . .

when I got two emails from two different teachers.  Both were concerned with the progress my children have been making.  They threatened to send "letters."  Having never had students in public school, I'm not sure what that means, but it sounded shameful.

Here's the thing:  I am pretty happy with the curriculum.  Most of the things my children are learning are things I am happy for them to learn.  I don't agree with the amount of work, the amount of sit-at-the-table kind of work and the regimented style, so I suppose I have been rather non-compliant.  If I had money, I would buy the curriculum without being a part of the school.  Alas, I have non.

I'm going to keep going as I like and just wait for the "letters" and whatever that implies.  When they say, "You are shaming the whole school by your lack of dedication to the public school way of life," I suppose I will leave.

Oh, well.  It was a good experiment.


Anonymous,  October 12, 2010 at 5:39 PM  

I know I would go crazy having to comply. It would bring up a whole lot "pleasing the teacher" issues for me. It makes me feel sick to my stomach to feel like I have to do it their way for approval. When we looked into IDEA, for Devin, and found out how they were going to "monitor his progress" with extra testing and extra Special Ed teacher meetings I couldn't do it. Your children are lucky to have you. Your heart will tell you- and then you can tell the teacher where she can put her "letter".

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