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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

K12: 7

After so much frustration and anger vented here about K12, I could only be fair and write about when things go well.

Today was one such day.  We are still way behind, I am still struggling with a lot of issues and my laundry pile is, once again, enormous, but today was better.  Assignments seemed to come one after the other.  We broke for lunch, but I was able to corral them together again to finish things up.  The fourth and sixth graders are not done, but I'm pretty sure they will be soon.  (Cross fingers vigorously.)  I did have a mini-meltdown this morning, but recovered quickly and persevered.

One of the things I really like about K12 is the boy's math (the younger grades' math is lacking, but not severely, at this point).  He is in sixth grade and working a pre-algebra book.  I am pleased with the rhythm of the program and they seem to have him do just enough practice problems.  Some of the math programs try to make the kids crazy with doing thirty problems when they have mastered it after completing ten.  I know different kids learn at different rates and I have, on occasion, had him do more or less than assigned.

Can you handle one more positive thing?  The first grader FINALLY had some independent work.  There was a history lesson that had an online, read-aloud story.  I put on her headphones and she was able to work without me.  What a nice twenty minutes.  We could use some more of that.

Looks like I must lash the whip to get the hated grammar finished.


Sh'Nell October 5, 2010 at 3:12 PM  

thanks for sharing all of that. I was curious about it. I'll keep checking to see what comes of it and if you are happy with it.

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